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Zenburn theme for windows’s cmd

March 4, 2009

CMD with a zenburn theme

Today a skin to avoid eye bleeding during work. Adaptation of the famous zenburn theme for vim. To install it, you just have to apply the reg file below.


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  1. how do you use this on windows cmd.exe or powershell?

  2. capnhud > Normally just apply the reg file to replace the default colors for any console-related program. (Save as on the link then double click on it in explorer)

    But, in windows, as link files to program in console can have their own set of colors if you want to get the zenburn colors with links, you have to modify them.

    Or, as I’ve done, recreate new links which incorporate default colors.

  3. Clemens permalink

    Cool! Is there a way to have this as the default color scheme for Windows 7? So that all the programs use it (Firefox, Office, Acrobat etc).

  4. Clemens > Sorry you have to find a way software by software, and it’s unlikely that you will be able to skin Acrobat to use this color scheme. You might try to customize the window colors, but the result may be deceiving.

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