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Juicy.Pixels performances update

February 17, 2013

Here is some new timing from the Juicy.Pixels trunk, Optimisation pass 1 refer to the previous pass, the new numbers are in the Optimisation pass 2. Some new categories where added to check performances

ImageMagick Optimisation pass 1 Optimisation pass 2
Png -> Jpg 379,99ms 1091,23ms 859,12ms
Jpg -> Png 3945,51ms 16409,36ms 8157,63ms
Gif -> Png 2518,37ms 3348,69ms
Png -> Bmp 286,3ms 423,77ms

And a small graph :

Performance graph

Performance graph

The good news is : we’re now at roughly twice the speed of C for all image formats instead of 4 times (yay!). The open question is now : can we go even further?

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