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Juicy.Pixels 3.1

June 17, 2013

Juicy.Pixels 3.1 is here, with a “Squeezed juice” release. Performance updates were there since a long time but not released officially, and now thanks to GHC in the latest Haskell Platform, performances are even better on many cases :

ImageMagick Optimisation pass 1 Optimisation pass 2 3.1 with GHC 7.3
Png -> Jpg 379,99ms 1091,23ms 859,12ms 968.33ms
Jpg -> Png 3945,51ms 16409,36ms 8157,63ms 7417.51ms
Gif -> Png 2518,37ms 3348,69ms 762.50ms
Png -> Bmp 286,3ms 423,77ms 330.83ms

I don’t explain the regression for the PNG to Jpg conversion, nor the curious performance bump in Gif decoding. I’ll try to fix the Png -> Jpg conversion in a next minor release.


The next version of the library should include the following (in no particular order):

  • Progressive JPEG loading
  • Tiff writing
  • More concentrated juice


Other than the performance improvement, the addition of Tiff reading, 16 bits pixels support and some helper function are in this release.

Big thanks to Alp Mestanogullari and Jason Dagit who helped making this release possible.

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